Depending on your subscription plan, you can have multiple system administrators access your account's Qualee Console. Qualee will create your first admin on sign-up, and any additional admins need to be assigned with Administrator rights manually.

Qualee access control groups fall into one of two categories:

  • Access to the Qualee App (employee)

  • Access to the Qualee Console (admin)

Once an employee record is created, the user can be granted Admin role access. Employees added to the Admin role are granted access to the entire company account, with all permissions turned on by default.

How to add a new administrator

Before you begin, ensure the new admin has first been added as an employee to your Qualee account. Once this has been done, you need to:

  1. Go to Administration > User access

2. Enter the name of the new Admin in the Name field.

3. Once the employee's name is displayed, click the name to select it.

4. The Grant access button will become available. Click it to grant the employee admin access.

The newly added system administrator will automatically be sent a notification email prompting them to log into the Qualee console.

Qualee's recommendation

Security best-practices always recommend to to keep the number of admins to a minimum. We also recommend that you review the User access page periodically to verify the employees that have been granted Admin access still require it.

How to remove an administrator

Revoking administrator rights to an assigned employee is simple. Just click the cross to the right of their name in the User access page. The removed user will automatically be returned to standard employee rights.

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