Quizzes are an engaging way to test understanding and maximise knowledge retention for employees, especially when used in combination with Micro-Learning modules.

Keep quizzes bite-sized and fun using gamified progress, positive reinforcement and increase engagement levels for important, company-specific information.

Below is a step-by-step guide on how to create and deploy quizzes in Qualee.

Creating a Quiz

  • Login to the Qualee console

  • Select Tools

  • Select Quizzes and click Create Quiz

  • Select Add first question

  • Input your question and possible answers

  • Select the correct answer

  • Save and add new questions as necessary.

Depending on your chosen Qualee Plan, you may create several Quiz Templates and use them anytime or any way you want. Quizzes can be added as a step in a Journey or be released independently.

Deploy Independent Quizzes

  • From the Console select Actions

  • Select Create Action

  • Select Single Action

  • In the first line "Type", Select Quiz

  • Choose your preferred Quiz from the drop-down menu

  • Select employees or segments

  • Attach a header image as needed

  • Specify send and due dates

  • Add a description

  • Click Create Action

Deploy Quiz via Journey Steps

  • Select the Journey Profile you wish to add a quiz to

  • Select Add new step, and choose Quiz

  • Name the step

  • Select/Upload a header image you would like to appear as your Quiz banner

  • Select the Quiz template from the drop-down menu

  • Add an introduction and save the step.

Below are sample screenshots of how the quiz will appear on your employees' app.

Once a quiz has been completed, there are two different ways to view or download employee responses:

View/Download Quiz Response via Action

  • From the Console select Actions

  • Select the name of the employee you wish to view

  • On the ellipsis, select View answers or simply click the name of the employee

View/Download Quiz Response via Journey Dashboard

  • From the console select Dashboard then Journeys

  • Select from the drop-down menu which Journey you wish to view

  • Select See journey on the left side and you will see a list of employees enrolled in the journey.

  • Select the name of the employee you wish to view

  • Select the Quiz step to view the answers

Finally, you can also generate Quiz reports directly via the Qualee Console

Quiz Reports

  • From the console select Reports

  • Select Quizzes & Surveys

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