In this article, you will learn about Actions, Action Sequences, and their use cases in Qualee.

There are 2 types of actions;

  1. Single Action

  2. Action Sequences

Actions are commonly used for ad-hoc tasks that you can deploy to specific individuals or groups of employees in a time-released manner.

Similar to Journeys, you may also create multiple action items in a structured sequence and deploy them whenever necessary.

To deploy a single action

Choose from any of the following content types in the drop-down menu

  • Survey

  • Quiz

  • Form (Available in Premium and Pro Plan)

  • ID Verification (Available in Pro Plan)

  • Headshot Photo

  • Upload content

After selecting the type of content you wish to deploy

  • Type in the specific employee names or a chosen employee segment

    (i.e. Female, Human Resources, Singapore, or you can also type in All employees)

  • Next, select the dates on when you want to send the action and its due date.

  • Then, click Create Action

In the Action Status section, you will see the real-time progress of the requested actions, and you can choose to send a reminder, view responses, or cancel an action through the ellipsis button on the right side.

To deploy an Action Sequence

  • First, create a Sequence

  • Visit Actions, and click Create Action Sequence

  • Next, click Add first step, select a content type, and create the structure of your sequence.

Click on the Save step button for each of the steps you add and save your work by clicking on the Save Action Sequence button on the upper right of the screen.

Upon saving, you will be directed to the Action Sequences section

  • Select the action Sequence created and click on the ellipsis on the right side

  • Click Invite employees

  • Choose a specific employee or a segment

  • Click Invite Employees

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